October 11, 2014 The World Of Shaving Razor Options Posted In: Product Education

When most men begin shaving in their teen years, they visit the men’s grooming aisle in a drug store and select from a cartridge system that they probably became aware of from a television advertisement. While there is nothing inherently wrong with cartridge razors, there are a variety of other options available to men looking to experiment and are interested in perhaps improving on their morning routine.

Cartridge Razors:

Razors that use cartridges are the most popular shaving method among men in North America. The most popular brands include Gillette’s Mach 3 and Fusion products, as well as the Schick Quattro. Cartridges can get quite expensive when compared to double edge razors for example, which is why many men have switched away from these systems. If you like cartridges, you should research buying a heavier handle from a variety of companies out there. Rather than pushing the razor across your skin, a heavier handle will let the weight of the handle take care of the shaving for you and will cause much less irritation than you normally experience.

Double Edge Razors

Double Edge razors are razors that look old fashioned to modern eyes, but are a great and cost effective way to deliver a smooth shave. The razor blade itself is a one-time use blade that costs a couple of pennies and is wiped out every shave. The shaving instrument itself is quite heavy and usually made out of metal, which allows the weight of the razor to drag across your skin for a very close shave.

Straight Razors

Straight razors are what many people think above when shaving brushes and bowls are brought up. Being quite popular in movies and cartoons, the general population knows of their existence, but few have ever shaved with them. Learning to shave with a straight razor definitely takes time and is a slow process, but the ritual and connection to the past is what many men enjoy about this shaving method, never mind the very close shave that can be achieved. No matter what new technologies are invented in the future, straight razors will always be thought of as the coolest way to shave.


A shavette razor is kind of like straight razor but with a changeable blade. Just like a double edge razor’s blade can swapped before every shave, a shavette blade is long like a straight razor and fits into a handle that looks exactly like a straight razor. This shaving system is very popular for barbers that need to comply with local regulations on what kinds of razors they can use, but also men who like straight razors, but don’t want to deal with keeping the edge sharp or using a strop on a regular basis.