December 18, 2014 The World Of Competitive Beards & Moustaches Posted In: Industry Trends

Your beard might be famous amongst your friends and coworkers, but you think that it can appeal to a wider audience and aren’t sure of the best way to introduce it to the world. Have you ever considered competing in a beard or moustache competition? And not just compete in any old competition, but compete in the World Beard & Moustache Championship? If you think you and your facial hair have what it takes, read the instructions below for your chance at glory!

Your first step should be to join Beard Team USA, which is America’s official team to the competition. This US-based group also organizes the world championship, which will take place in October of 2015 in Leogang, Austria. Joining Beard Team USA is free and there are no try-outs, tests, etc. to make the team. Once you have joined the team, you will receive news updates from Team USA and specifics on the competition as it approaches and how you can enter. There are 18 categories to compete in, giving those with varied facial hair styles different avenues to compete in without having to compromise their individuality.

Of course, if you don’t feel like traveling to different countries every year, you can always search on the internet for a local beard and/or moustache competition that is closer to home. You can find a calendar of various beard competitions here that might be easier for you to attend.