June 19, 2014 Three Popular Men’s Fashion Forums Posted In: Industry Trends

Over the past decade, forums of all types have become extremely popular on the internet as places where like minded individuals can come together and discuss topics of mutual interest. Below, we looked at three popular menswear and fashion forums that have for better or worse made a name for themselves.


1. Styleforum: Styleforum is quite possibly the most popular menswear forum on the internet. Intelligent discussions can be found about purchasing your first pair of bespoke John Lobb’s, which upstart tailors in New York, Hong Kong, or Paris can deliver a Savile Row quality suit at a fraction of the price, or even the various differences between Levi’s 501’s over the last 120 years. With something for everyone, Styleforum is a fantastic resource for those looking for a general forum where one can learn more about the brands they love, while also be introduced to new ones in the process.


2. Ask Andy About Clothes: Although Ask Andy’s forum has seen better days, it still attracts many men who find it a more comfortable forum to participate in. The “Trad” section of the forum was one of the foremost resources for classic American menswear on the internet when it was created in the mid 2,000’s. While not its former self, Ask Andy can still be an interesting resource for many men who don’t have the budget for a new pair of Edward Greens.


3. Hypebeast: Perhaps one of the most polarizing names on the internet when it comes to men’s fashion, Hypebeast has nevertheless carved out a niche for itself for the sneaker-head/street wear aficionado. With teenagers representing a disproportionate amount of the user base, discussions can often lead nowhere or feature photos of young men who are trying to hard to impress each other. Of course, the only way to know if you’d like it is to check out the forum for yourself.