Wholesale Distribution

For Men’s Products

CRW Group specializes in the wholesale distribution of men’s toiletry products to boutique shops and large retailers throughout North America. Our distribution process consists of three main categories: importing, warehousing, and shipping.




For foreign companies, trying to enter the mammoth United States’ market can be an intimidating and frustrating process. Some of the main obstacles that CRW Group helps new brands and products navigate are US Trademark & Patent protection, product line evaluation, FDA label compliance, global logistics services, and customs assistance.

Our years of experience and wide breadth of products we have helped distribute give us a solid foundational knowledge on how we can best assist your product to reach the necessary vendors in the United States quickly and easily. We work closely with the right professionals in our industry to make sure these important tasks are conducted professionally, in a timely manner, and are cost effective. We are able to offer our services because we have taken the time to develop deep relationships with a wide range of industry professionals that share our passion for men’s grooming products.

If you have a great new product and or brand and you’re wholesale distribution partner in the US, we will be happy to help.  Let us put our team of experts to work for you so your brand and products can be enjoyed here in the United States.






Warehouses are often overlooked by many companies when deciding on a distribution partner. CRW Group firmly believes that a major key to any supply chain is having a reliable, safe, and secure warehouse that is run professionally. Our warehouse receives and catalogs new inventory promptly and accurately to ensure that we can supply new vendors efficiently. The warehouse is centrally located in Houston, Texas, allowing us to easily quickly reach any corner of America and Canada. And because our warehouse is clean, climate controlled, and secure, you can rest easily knowing that your men’s grooming products won’t be effected by climate conditions, pests, or anything else that might compromise the integrity of your product.




Our vendors are able to receive your products on time because our approach to shipping logistics is second to none. Our warehouse is fully equipped and optimized to ship out orders of any size, whether it’s a single unit or large pallets and container loads, to our domestic and international partners. All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of an order, complete with order tracking for orders of any size. Our superior approach to shipping is the final piece of the puzzle that makes CRW Group the sole wholesale distributor for some of the best brands and products men’s grooming has to offer.