MOJO HAIR* is the new premium hair styling and grooming range for men that combines pro-salon product styling performance with a modern luxury fragrance. Define your individual style and attitude with MOJO HAIR*!

Modern yet classic, Mojo Hair* has an elegant swagger that will help define your unique style and attitude. Presented in a heavy-weight premium glass jars, and featuring a cool retro-feel design, Mojo Hair* delivers pro-salon styling and hold.

In addition to the pro-salon product performance, Mojo Hair* has a unique warm, sensuous and spicy fragrance that is modern yet classic – it exudes masculine confidence and is wonderfully distinctive.

Mojo Hair Clay (100 ml)


Great for separating hair making it ideal for deconstructed and ‘undone’ hair styles. Gives a natural matte finish.

What it does
Gives hair more volume, thickness and texture with separation.

Hold: ● ● ●

Mojo Hair Fibre Shaper (100 ml)


Gives a long-lasting hold with ultimate control and shine – perfect for shorter, styled hair. Or add a touch to longer styles for subtle control and a fantastic “Hollywood” shine.

What it does
Our advanced pro-salon mega elastic fibre technology adds texture and volume allowing you to shape and sculpt your hair into whatever style you desire.

Hold: ● ● ● ●

Mojo Hair Styling Cream (100 ml)


Superb for creating longer, smooth, sleek hair styles with natural shine.

What it does
Softens and smoothes coarse and heavy hair, adding flexibility for stylish product-free natural look.

Hold: ● ●

All styling products have a unique luxury fragrance that will make your hair smell great!


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