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EVOLUTIONMAN is working proof that a modern skincare and grooming collection for men can be polished and sophisticated while maintaining ethical and green formulation, packaging and business practices. EVOLUTIONMAN can offer all of this at a mid-range price point without sacrificing high-end efficacy, quality or cutting-edge aesthetics.

What is the EVOLUTIONMAN difference?

– Multi-purpose products that are easy to use and will simplify your routine –

– Quality ingredients that are scientifically proven –

– Research, development and cutting-edge technology addressing men’s
specific skincare needs –

– Scientifically tested, but never on animals –

– Recycled packaging, boxes made with SFI certified paper –



EVOLUTIONMAN products available through CRW:

Resurfacing Clay Mask


Transform your complexion from the inside out with EVOLUTIONMAN RESURFACING CLAY MASK. This transformative mask is the closest at-home treatment you will find to a professional facial. RESURFACING CLAY MASK works by utilizing EXFO BIO, a powerful new blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that are naturally derived from tropical fruits. This exciting new formula works deeply throughout all three layers of the skin to produce astounding results. RESURFACE CLAY MASK clarifies the skin by clearing and tightening pores, which instantly brightens, rejuvenates, and smooths out skin texture.

Face & Body Wash


A combination of ultra-pure Glycolic Acid blended with Salicylic Acid and skin conditioners sweep away dirt and debris. Minimizes appearance of fine lines and look of pores while increasing overall skin radiance. PH balanced.

• Visibly minimizes look of fine lines
• Purifies deep down to the pore
• Smoothes skin’s texture
• Lift’s beard hairs for an ultra-close shaver

The NU NOIR fragrance is derived from exceptional quality raw ingredients that are blended to create a totally sophisticated, utterly compelling and intoxicating scent. This refreshing and sensual scent fires up the senses.

Cleanse & Shave


A dual-action time-saver can be used as a shaving cream or a face wash that cleanses the skin and softens the beard.

• Plant-derived exfoliators remove dull surface cells to allow for a closer shave.
• Antioxidant moisturizers deliver firmness and elasticity.
• Improve razor glide for comfort.
• Helps stimulate new healthier, younger looking skin.
• Leave your skin refreshed and your pores tightened.

Wash & Buff


An efficient daily exfoliator powered by non-irritating micro-beads. Helps to prevents black heads, minimize pores and in-grown hairs.

• Removes dirt and grime without drying the skin
• Antioxidants leave skin refreshed
• Stimulates new healthier, younger looking skin.
• Helps prevent black heads and clogged pores.
• Improves texture for shaving

Moisture Protect SPF 20


The matte finish moisturizer that conditions and protects skin. Helps rejuvenate, promote elasticity and reduces fine lines.

• Antioxidant moisturizers leave skin refreshed and invigorated
• Instantly calms razor burn and irritation to help revitalize skin
• Help maximize skin health and function
• Titanium dioxide delivers UVA sun protection.

Moisture Protect Bronze SPF 20


The matte finish moisturizer with SPF 20 is our answer to the perfect bronze BB cream. Optically compatible with all skin tones, this greaseless and lightweight triple-action formula blends well and stays exactly where you put it.

• Bronze Tint will help you look sun kissed
• Antioxidant moisturizers leave skin refreshed and invigorated
• Instantly calms razor burn and irritation to help revitalize skin
• Help maximize skin health and function
• Titanium dioxide delivers UVA sun protection.

Revitalize Eye Gel


A powerful lightweight hydrator that addresses the three major issues of the under eye area: puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines.

• Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid: Revitalize skin clarity by exfoliating the buildup of surface cells
• Anti-inflammatory agents reduce the look of puffiness.
• Antioxidants diminish the appearance of lines and dark circles.
• Licorice Extract: Exerts anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the under eye area
• Algae Extract: Balances the skin’s moisture content while leaving the skin feeling supple
• Antarctic Seaweed Extract: Helps prevent skin from wrinkling and sagging.

Lip Balm SPF 15


A high-functioning protective lip conditioner that delivers a long-lasting, matte finish.

• Protects lips against UVA/UVB protection
• Moisturizes and soothes lips

Conceal & Treat


A blendable concealer stick that quickly covers imperfection’s while treating them at the same time.
• Soothes irritation
• Accelerates healing
• Covers and treats blemishes
• Salicylic Acid: Treats acne and razor burn through gentle exfoliation

Nail Varnish


From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a natural manicure, Pure Matte is formulated as a matte finish nail protector for men. For the adventurous man, Pure Matte be used to instantly transform your favorite nail paint from glossy to matte finish when applied on top. It dries quickly, penetrating all layers of nail paint, retaining its matte finish. All EVMAN nail products are vegan and cruelty free.

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