Dude Wipes

We are happy to be the US Distributor for Dude Wipes – the award winning, flushable and biodegradable hygiene wipes for guys .  This exciting new line of products was developed by a group of dudes in a Chicago apartment who saw a large gap in the market place for wipes to be used by men.  Now guys can take these individually wrapped wipes that fit right in a wallet with them wherever they go.  Anywhere from the bathroom, to gym, a quick shower on the go, you name it.  Dude Wipes contain Aloe and Vitamin E, they are safe to flush and will biodegrade the same as toilet paper.

Dude Wipes won the 2013 Visionary Awards at the Consumer Products Conference in Orlando, FL.  Past winners of this award were Swiffer floor cleaning pad and a regenerated cotton wipe from Rocline Industries.  Prior to Dude Wipes coming on to the market wipes were only marketed toward babies, women and general cleaning.



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Below is a complete list of the products offered by Dude Products:


Dude Wipe Single

Contains one individually wrapped Dude Wipe 44 square inches.

Flushable, biodegradable, contains Vitamin E and Aloe

Not for individual resale

Dude Wipes 30 pack

Box contains 30 individually wrapped Dude Wipes

Flushable, biodegradable, contains Vitamin E and Aloe

Retail Price $11.00



Brand Details

FROM : Chicago, USA

TAGS : Accessories, Body

WEBSITE : http://dudeproducts.com