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In 2000, the last of the bucardo, the great Spanish ibex that had roamed the peaks of the Pyrenees for millennia, met her demise and the species became extinct.  Nine years later, scientists revived the bucardo through genetic cloning, making it the first animal to be brought back from extinction.

Inspired by this story of human ingenuity and resolve, Bucardo was created: dedicated to good people who strive for greatness.

Bucardo products revive classic designs for the modern world.  The result is thoughtfully crafted gear that you need on your mission to accomplish great things.

Their flagship product, the Bucardo Mug, was inspired by a relic salvaged from the farthest reaches of a kitchen cabinet in Ottawa, Canada.

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During the Victorian Era, a proper man took his appearance seriously.  The hallmark of a man held in the highest regard was a well-groomed moustache, a symbol of self-respect and confidence.  His challenge was to protect his perfectly styled moustache.

The moustache cup was invented in the mid-19th century by British potter Harvey Adams.  The moustache guard, secured to the inner brim of the cup, protected a gentleman’s moustache from the daily onslaught of hot or frothy drinks.  This innovation spread throughout the Commonwealth as the vessel of choice for tea and coffee, and eventually made its way to the United States.  Men made use of these special mugs until mid-century, when the moustache inexplicably went out of style.

The fresh, powerful fragrance of SIR IRISCH MOOS, with its spicy and invigorating notes, has remained unchanged for decades.

Now, this 19th century staple has been revived for the modern man.  Featuring a classic moustache guard, the Bucardo Mug is designed to protect the integrity of your stylishly arranged upper lip.

This November, multitudes of men will grow moustaches in support men’s health organizations.  Luckily for both veterans and newcomers alike, the Bucardo Mug has arrived.

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Bucardo Moustache Mug

Back in the day, a gentleman knew how to protect his moustache. Now, a 19th century staple is revived for the modern man. The Bucardo Mug features original artwork and a classic moustache guard, a specialized semi-circular ledge with an opening that allows for safe passage of beverages while protecting your ‘stache. This is the first in a series of Bucardo Mugs celebrating moustachioed gentlemen of the world.

- 13 oz ceramic mug with moustache guard
- Original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan
- Dishwasher and microwave safe


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