June 16, 2014 Men’s Shaving & Grooming Forums Posted In: Product Education


CRW Group’s position as a men’s toiletries wholesaler allows us to stay up to date on new products and the websites and forums where these products often gain a grassroots following. Below you will find some men’s grooming forums that have an enthusiastic user base.  These forums are a great resource to learn about new products, help educate and ask questions regarding new techniques and to get the most out of your experience with the products.


1. Strait Razor Place – Anyone looking to get into shaving with a straight razor can pretty much begin and end their education at this fantastic forum for straight razor enthusiasts. From finding the right beginner razor to learning about leather strops, this the perfect resource for both a curious novice and the well-seasoned expert.


2. Badger & Blade – Perhaps the most popular shaving forum on the internet, this site is usually the first stop someone interested in wet shaving makes. Jam packed with information on soaps, creams, razors, and much more, one could easily spend days reading about various products and shaving techniques.


3. Basenotes – The undisputed top resource for anything related to colognes and fragrances. Composed of many members who are perhaps a little bit too much into scents, Basenotes is nevertheless a great resource if you want to learn about a particular scent or discover new ones.