March 26, 2015 Essential Basics For Your Beard Posted In: Product Education

As we’ve already discussed in a previous post, beards and mustaches are becoming more and more popular among today’s men and we wanted to highlight some essential basics for your beard. If you are new to growing facial hair, navigating the wide range of different products out there can be a little intimidating. We wanted to highlight a few of the most popular items men use to keep their beads and moustaches in tip-top shape.

Beard Oil

Beard oil will help keep your beard hydrated, soft, and smelling good. Often containing different natural oils, a few drops of beard oil are best applied right after you shower. You only need to use beard oil a couple times a week, although different beards and personal preferences can alter the frequency in which you use the product.

Moustache Wax

Your average consumer is probably more familiar with moustache wax, a product that helps shape your moustache. Not just for beard competitions or Halloween, beard wax is a great addition to your grooming kit that will keep your moustache neat and orderly.
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