March 25, 2015 Dreadnought Releases New Hair Line, Instructional Video Posted In: Brand News

The UK’s very own Liam the Barber, from The Nomad Barbershop, shows you how to style your own hair into a modern Pompadour using Dreadnought Pomade.

As part of a brand new hair-styling line, Dreadnought released three new products – a pomade, matte clay, and a matte paste – that are set to make their US debut in the coming weeks. Below is an instructional video on how to achieve the perfect pompadour with the Dreadnought Pomade.

From Dreadnought:

Designed to tame the manliest of manes, The Dreadnought Pomade will keep you looking slick and stylish at all times. Industrial strength hold and a high-shine finish for sharp and structured styles that last all day and all night. Your tired excuses for looking scruffy and unkempt will no longer cut the mustard, so man up and get styled. Unruly frizz and lackluster locks will be a thing of the past.
Directions for use:
No man-sized dollop is necessary to create your look, so use sparingly to avoid looking like an oil slick. Rub a pea-sized amount between your palms and run them through your hair to smooth, style and tame any fly-aways. For “don’t mess” spikes, work product into roots and upwards towards tips.
The Dreadnought Pomade really doesn’t taste that great, so we would strongly advise against having a munch, no matter how hungry you are.
And don’t go trying to style your eyelashes, either. The Dreadnought is intended solely for the hair on your head and will burn beyond belief should it come into contact with your peepers. Be sure to rinse with plenty of cold water should this occur!