March 21, 2013 Dreadnought Cut-Throat Shaving Video Posted In: Product Education

Learn to shave like Bond, James Bond

Dreadnought & Jacks of London barbers release 007 inspired cut throat shaving video because ‘sometimes the old ways are the best’

Following a surge in cut razor sales with the release of new James Bond film, Skyfall, leading men’s grooming brand Dreadnought  have released a handy how-to film to ensure their customers know how to get the best out of their cut throat shave.

The short film, which has been made in collaboration with Jacks of London, is, of course, spy inspired by the film, and is full of top tips for the customer to achieve the correct technique when using their shiny new cut throat shavette razor.

On the film’s cinema release, which included a saucy shaving scene with actors Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris, Dreadnought was inundated with demand of people trying to learn the art of traditional shaving and the cut-throat razor, because like Harris says; ‘sometimes the old ways are the best.’

Shaving with a cut throat razor is certainly one of life’s pleasures as it will give you the closest possible shave. But it does take time to master the technique and you’ll certainly need a steady hand and plenty of practice.

Dreadnought  wants to ensure the customer really gets the best out of their buy so have put the film together to teach men how to get the best shave and women, how to give the best shave.

The handy shavette razor is similar to a straight or cut throat razor but is a more cost effective alternative and requires less maintenance as it uses changeable blades, meaning no stropping or honing. It can save time for those who are in a hurry, but still want to experience the luxury of a wet shave.

The Dreadnought crew visited Jacks of London’s upmarket London barbershop to film the clip and resident Barber Sandra Morgan showcases her skills and talks you through the key elements and process involved when guaranteeing a great shave.