September 15, 2014 Different Grades Of Shaving Brushes Posted In: Product Education

Today we wanted to talk about the different grades one can choose from with respect to shaving brushes. Something to keep in mind while researching your brush purchase is that shaving is a very personal experience. We all have different bodies, hair types, skin chemistry, etc. and what works for someone might not be the best option for another shaver. Taking the time to see what’s out there and what fits your personal preferences is the best way to choose a shaving brush that you’re going to like for years into the future.


Silver Tip

Silver tip brushes are the highest grade of badger hair a brush can have, as they are renown for their softness and silver color. As is to be expected, they are also the costliest when compared to other brushes. It’s important to remember that different manufacturers might call their brushes by different names, and it’s important to compare apples to apples when comparing brushes. For example, some “Double Band” brushes are a different type of silver tip hair that some men prefer. Ultimately, experimenting with a variety of brushes is your best bet to finding what you like and justifying the cost of moving up market.

Super Badger

Super badger is one step below silver tip, as it is a bit less soft when compared to its more expensive brother. While silver tip’s bristles come from the neck of a badger, super badger’s is sourced from the animal’s back. Easier to find than silver tip brushes, super badgers are a fantastic choice for men who are looking for a quality brush but can’t justify the cost of a silver tip.

Best Bader

Best badger brushes are good brushes, but are indeed a step down from a super badger brush. The bristles come from all over the badger, giving a user a coarser experience than using the super or best. Of course, this is a relative term, as a best badger brush is still quite soft and a quality brush, especially for beginners that are looking to enter wet shaving with a brush of higher quality than a pure badger.

Pure Badger

Pure badger brushes are the least expensive options for curious men that want to try whipping up a lather for the first time. Although they are the most coarse out of all the badger brush options, some men actually prefer these type of brushes when using shaving soaps, as the stiffer bristles are more aggressive with the soap and can sometimes work up a lather easier.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which shaving brush fits your skin’s preferences. Which ever option you chose, you will be happier with a brush and a tub of shaving cream or shaving soap instead of a boring aerosol can. Happy Shaving!