May 7, 2014 Classic Men’s Comb Companies Posted In: Product Education

Men’s hair combs are an often overlooked product within the realm of male grooming. Most men purchase a cheap, plastic comb from the drug store with zero attention paid to the product’s details. In an effort to combat this indifference, we wanted to highlight two companies, one new and one old, that manufacture quality men’s combs.

The New: Chicago Comb Company

When one thinks of Chicago with respect to men’s clothing and grooming, certain names come to mind, such as products from Ashland Leather Co. (made of Horween leather) or Oxxford Clothing.  Well, not only are Chicago Comb Company’s combs made in the USA, their combs and packaging are also made in Chicago. Laser-cut out of stainless steel and finished by hand, this company’s combs are both modern and classic at the same time and one of those everyday products that you’ll love from the moment you first use it.   It will also last forever and most likely be a family heirloom pasted down from generation to generation.

The Old: Kent Brushes

Kent has been around since 1777 and has racked up a bunch of Royal Warrants since the late 18th century. Most customers use their plastic combs, but it is certainly their (much more expensive) bristle combs that grace the hair of British royalty. At around $250 a pop, Kent’s satinwood and Indian bristle combs pricey and hard to find in the United States, but obviously have a devoted following from all over the world.