About Us

CRW Group has been acquired by Voreia Industries.  Please contact Voreia directly with questions. We look forward to working with you!LOGO SQUARE 72 6


CRW Group was formed with a mission to bring distinctive and unique men’s grooming products to new markets.  We find products with niche appeal – often incorporating artisan craftsmanship or premium value – as a wholesale distributor and match them with networks of independent retail outlets throughout the United States.

CRW Group is designed as single-source, business-to-business provider of tailored manufacturing, marketing, and distribution solutions for specialty men’s products. Our capabilities include warehousing and fulfillment, logistics, regulatory compliance, import/export advisory, US patent and Trademark expertise, and marketing. We supplement our own strengths with a network of specialist business partners, each an established company that is expert in its field, domiciled in the United States and familiar with US and local business practices and regulations.

Our strategy is to methodically build a critical mass of contacts, relationships, licenses, distributorships, and expertise within a chosen product category and leverage all possible cross-sell and cross-marketing opportunities within that domain. We have used this approach to establish ourselves as a reliable, known quantity in the product category of “Men’s Premium Toiletries,” one of the fastest-growing consumer product categories. It is our intent to look for similar opportunities in other, dynamic specialty market categories. CRW Group is currently in the process of integrating additional product design, testing and manufacturing capabilities into its offering for our clients.

CRW Group is a US Limited Liability Corporation, based in Andover, NJ.

Grass Roots Brand-Building For Product Manufacturers

Working with CRW Group is an ideal way for companies to find their natural US customer base, through grass roots brand building and marketing. This is particularly true for companies that are new to the US marketplace, for smaller companies without extensive in-house marketing and sales functions, and for developers of untested product types. We are ideally suited to support brands with less than $5 million in annual sales, who often find themselves under served or cannot afford to work with large supply-chain solution providers.

CRW Group assembles networks of independent retailers, typically brick-and-mortar outlets with distinctive local reputations and loyal customer bases. These stores help specialty and luxury men’s toiletries products build grassroots, word-of-mouth brand awareness and customer loyalty at a manageable pace that is appropriate for new entrants to the US domestic marketplace, thus setting the stage for later entry into the larger national retail outlets at the appropriate time.

Daily contact with independent retailers gives CRW Group a ‘pulse of the street’ sense of retail trends and conditions, regional variations in demand, and likely receptivity to new products. It gives us the anecdotal evidence to translate US tastes for non-US product makers. And it also gives us exposure to the best in niche-product marketing, whether social media, sponsorships, co-operative advertising, or direct mail. CRW Group regularly develops marketing initiatives for its client brands using the best methods that suit them.

For Retailers: Product Availability and Selectivity

For specialty retailers whose appeal rests on unusual or exclusive product offerings, a relationship with CRW Group means access to a steady stream of new and distinctive brands. CRW Group evaluates dozens of men’s grooming brands every quarter, screening not only for quality, sales potential and brand cachet in the products themselves, but also for the stability, longevity and market staying power of their parent manufacturers. We want the brands we represent and our retailers to be around for a long time.

‘Availability of Product’: If there’s any concern we hear frequently from independent retailers, it’s this one. Part of any store’s bond with its own best customers is that the difficult-to-find products it carries will be there, month in and month out. CRW Group makes that happen.

Our contracts with product manufacturers are built around contractual understandings of reliable supply. Our relationships with retailers, in turn, guarantee availability on an as-needed basis. CRW Group’s small-batch re-supply arrangements are ideal for stores with limited on-site storage space, or modest but steady sales volumes.

CRW’s also helps retailers learn from their peers. Because of our strategy of building multiple relationships within tight product categories, we are able to share what comparable retailers use to drive their sales and customer relationships. Retailers who work with us get the benefit of a creative marketing partner, whether the chosen approach is sales promotion, social media, product review marketing, or co-op advertising.