April 23, 2014 5 Interesting English Shaving Creams Posted In: Product Education

England has always inspired America when it comes to luxury men’s products. From the bespoke tailors of Saville Row to John Lobb’s footwear, England’s history still influences the way men present themselves to the world. While continuing to leverage the past, the last decade or two has seen a new breed of English shaving companies whose products respect what came before, yet still move in new and exciting directions. Below is a mix of some old and new companies that are interesting on their own terms.

1. Geo F. Trumper
Geo F. Trumper has been around since 1875 and makes some of the most classic-scented shaving creams around. They have all of your grandfather’s favorite scents, such as Sandlewood and Extract of Limes, as well as newer scents, like GFT. If you get the chance to visit London, go ahead and book an appointment at Trumper’s original shop on Curzon Street for a straight-razor shave. The experience can be a little pricy, but well worth it.

2. Dreadnought
Dreadnought is a younger English company who manufactures their products exclusively for the North American market. Paraben free and containing decelerine, Dreadnought’s luxury shaving cream comes in a traditional container for purists who insist on whipping up a lather with a brush, as well as a brushless shaving solution that doesn’t disappoint and is great for traveling. The company has a wide range of men’s toiletries products beyond shaving cream, so be sure to check out their offerings.

3. Penhaligon’s
Penhaligon’s is a respected English company that is better known for their colognes and perfumes than for men’s shaving creams. Nevertheless, the firm has been around since 1870 and has two shaving cream offerings that you may enjoy if you’re already a fan of Penhaligon’s scents.

4. D.R. Harris
D.R. Harris deserves a mention on the list because it is the oldest English company that still makes men’s shaving cream. Although it can be difficult to find a place in America that sells D.R. Harris’ products, not to mention they can to be more expensive than other companies’ offerings, their shaving creams and soaps are well respected.

5. Edwin Jagger
Edwin Jagger has been around since 1988 and is based out of Sheffield, not London. While certainly not as stuffy as some of the older companies out there, Jagger still offers up classic scents like Sandlewood. Like D.R. Harris, the company’s products can be harder to find in the US and are not as popular as some of the other English shaving companies out there.